An intact and functional pineal gland is necessary for preserving optimal human health. This gland has - unfortunately - the highest calcification rate among all organs and tissues of the human body.

Pineal calcification is associated with a variety of neuronal diseases as it jeopardizes melatonin's synthetic capacity(1) (2). It can be assumed that this has consequences spiritually.

The Pineal Gland

If you were to get an intimate look at your brain, you'd likely see one of the most important glands in your entire body, your pineal gland. Named for its pinecone shape, this gland produces melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles.

The Pineal Gland in the brain

Pineal Gland Circadian
Melatonin is the signaling molecule of natural photoperiodic environment and a potent neuronal protective antioxidant. Consequently, it has been reported to have significant effects on reproduction, sleep-wake cycles and other phenomena showing circadian rhythm.

While only the size of a grain of rice, this minuscule gland plays a significant role in how you sleep, how much energy you have, how you make decisions for navigating the world, and even how you perceive and interpret reality.

Having a healthy pineal is essential for psychological development, peak physical performance, and optimal spiritual awakening.

Pineal Gland Circadian

Spiritual importance of the Pineal gland

Some may think of the spiritual world as being completely beyond and outside of our bodies. In fact the opposite might be the case. Scientists cannot confirm or deny the role of the pineal gland in spiritual experience, but the pineal gland plays the dominant role in spirituality in many cultures around the world, and this for many thousand years. Buddha Buddha The “Pine” al Gland, is a tiny pinecone-shaped gland in the middle of the brow, behind the root of the nose. Because of its pinecone shape the pineal gland has been associated with the pinecone symbol throughout history. These symbols served as representation of the Human Enlightenment and the “Third Eye” in many ancient cultures.

The biggest known pinecone statue - for example - is located in the center of the christian catholic world, the vatican.

Vatican Pinecone Vatican Pinecone
Ancient bronze pinecone statue in the Vatican courtyard in Rome, Italy dating to the first century AD. Its flanked by bronze peacocks and symbolic of eternal life.
Just as we have organs like our ears to help us hear sound waves, we have the pineal gland to help us attune to the spiritual world.

It can be assumed, that if a calcified pineal gland has negative effects on our health it will also have an impact in a spiritual way.

In an ideal world free from toxins and environmental stressors, this gland would remain free and pure, able to help us navigate our world and develop to our fullest potential.

Sadly, we are living in no such world.

Pineal calcification

As we grow and age, we come in contact with processed food and toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on this delicate gland. In addition, environmental stressors cause free radical damage to this essential regulator. A process called calcification causes the gland to function abnormally, and this can affect the body in significant ways.
On the left you can see how a calcified pineal gland looks like.
Below you can see how a calcified pineal gland looks like.
Pineal Gland Calcified

With the help of CBCT or X-Rays the calcified pineal gland can be seen made visible from the outside. It can be estimated that in our modern world cysts or heavy calcifications may be found meanwhile in up to 60% of people (3).

One major function of a healthy pineal is its ability to regulate hormonal balance, particularly in women. Through dysfunction, the resulting hormonal imbalance can throw sleep cycles off-kilter, cause problems with menopause, sex drive, and trigger emotional volatility. The blood-brain barrier doesn't affect your pineal gland; as a result of being bathed in cerebrospinal fluid, it is subject to chemical additives that are present in food and water that cause buildup in and around the gland.

Fluoride: the number one culprit

One of the most significant contributors to pineal calcification is the buildup of fluoride found in our drinking water. This fluoride accumulation forms phosphate crystals, creating a dense shell around the gland.

Effects of fluoride toxicity

This hard buildup has negative effects on our biological response and our health. Common symptoms of this toxicity include: When we have this toxic buildup in the brain, we are out of balance with nature. Why is balance with nature so important?

Reversing the effects of toxic buildup

We obviously donīt want to experience the consequences that come with a calcified gland; our pineal is our reconnection to the natural world, and remaining disconnected from our natural instincts brings with it dire consequences. Our human race is currently sleeping, being at the mercy of toxic food and drink, environmental stress, and drinking water that is literally shutting us down. Our "sleeping" state allows for media message control, false belief systems being able to take over, and poor choices to plague us on a daily basis. How can we reclaim our marvelous potential and decalcify the "seat of the soul", allowing us to awaken to our full potential?

Seat of the soul?

Some spiritual thought leaders theorize that the pineal is actually the crown chakra, and that the brain matter that encapsulates this amazing gland is more of a protective shell than anything else. Researchers of all things related to the pineal say that it is the reason that we can think critically, experience emotions, and form relationships with others for the purposes of growth. Also well known as the "third eye", it is thought to be our connection to the spiritual world and spiritual development; it's physiological structure contains rods and cones, just like your eyes do. Just what would we be able to see if our pineal were fully activated?

Activation of the pineal: Is it possible?

There are several ways which can activate the pineal gland spiritually. A calcified gland though is not working properly, as it One has to work diligently to detoxify the mind and body in order to activate the pineal gland. As most of us have some level of toxicity in and around it, we need to work to decalcify the gland and then work from that point forward to protect and nurture it as we would a child who was in our care. Waking up physically, emotionally, and spiritually in this lifetime is a courageous act, and one that cannot be done if the pineal is not in its truest, purest form.

How do we detoxify the pineal gland?

Detoxification process

In order to detox this important gland, we need to look at what we are eating and drinking, as well as our lifestyle choices that may need to be altered for better results. It is possible to clean out the pineal, but it takes time and commitment to do so, and it may come with some side effects that you may not be emotionally ready for. if you choose to clean "house", be prepared for some total life changes on the way to self-actualization.
  1. Elimination of toxic substances and toxic environments

    Step one in the detoxification process is eliminating all foods, drinks, activities, relationships, and environments that may be causing you physical and emotional stress. Might we suggest making a list of things in your life that need changing, and a second list of things that you are truly grateful for and joyful about. As you work through making changes to the first list, refer back to the second as a means of inspiring you to keep moving forward on your journey; you have managed to create some good things in your life, and you can do more of that by changing what you don't like on your first list. Making small, consistent changes on a regular basis will help you to embrace change in a sustainable way, so that you are not overwhelmed by everything you are trying to modify at once.

  2. Removal of existing toxins in and around the pineal

    To restore pineal system balance, it is essential that you take steps to remove any toxic substances that have been deposited there. More about this process will be shared as you read on.

  3. Creation of a healthy external environment that stimulates healthy gland function

    Continuing to create an environment around you that is stress-free, loving, and forward-moving will be essential to keeping your pineal healthy and functioning at optimal levels. Knowing how important this gland is, youīll likely be prioritizing its detoxification and care after reading the research supporting its significance.

One major change that youīll need to implement is your intake of healthy, fluoride-free drinking water. Fluoride, chlorine, and synthetic calcium are major contributors in the process of corrupting the pineal, and doing your part to help reduce or eliminate the intake of these substances will ensure that you remain free from toxic buildup once you perform a detox.

First steps

Want to know how to get started on this process? Take these simple steps to start the process before going gangbusters on the cleansing protocol:

Reduce the intake of fluoride

Toothpaste no Fluoride Toothpaste no Fluoride General suggestions: Once these initial cleansing measures are in place, you may try the following cleansing protocol to boost your efforts and see even more benefits.

Cleansing protocol

The following supplements and foods have been known to be beneficial in helping the pineal system regain clarity and balance once more, free from toxic buildup that can impair its function.

Please consult with your doctor before beginning any cleansing protocol, as these natural supplements may cause interactions with prescription drugs you may be taking.

  1. Haritaki

    Eating Haritaki powder (regularly) can boost the oxygen-level in your blood up to 300%, which improves your overall brain functions. Haritaki is suggested by many yogis to be a perfect basis for a cleansing process. It should be taken on a continuous basis.

    Haritaki Haritaki Haritaki powder is made from drying and crushing the fruit of Terminalia chebula, or haritaki tree. The haritaki or terminalia chebula - fruit is almost a wonder drug, finding its place in a wide range of therapeutic usage in the ayurveda system of medicine for hundreds or even thousands years, especially in SE Asia and India. In hinduism the haritaki-tree is connected to lord shiva, one of their principle deities, a reverential way to acknowledge haritaki's sacred nature. The haritaki powder itself is finely ground, ranging in color from green-tinged yellow to a light brown, depending on the sort of the fruit (there are several relative haritaki-fruits which all work similar).

    The benefits of Haritaki

    Haritaki operates as a boost to cognitive functioning. The nootropic boosts several brain functions, leading to an improvement in short-term and long-term memory as well as learning retention. These effects happen due to the oxygenation that is enhanced when using haritaki. It opens up neuro-pathways to improve overall brain function.

    According to several Yogis the intake of Haritaki rises the oxygen level in the blood (including the brain) up to 300%, and it cleanses the stomach. Read more about the Haritaki fruit and how it works in your body on the site of Yogi Nithyananda (4).

    How to consume the Haritaki?

    Haritaki is usually consumed as powder orally either in a convenient capsule form or as a plain powder mixed with water, yoghurt or another substance. You can measure the powder freely, but eating half a teaspoon of Haritaki each evening before you go to bed is quite a common way of doing it.

    Beware it tastes quite strong and bitter (especially when not used to it), so itīs maybe better to mix it into your food, like yoghurt. Taking Haritaki through capsules works the same way, you just avoid itīs strong taste.

  2. Iodine

    Iodine is a natural mineral found in sea vegetation like seaweed and kelp. This mineral assists the thyroid in regulating hormones and removing metals from the body. It also helps to sweep chemicals like bromine, fluoride, and aluminum from the body. To add more iodine in your diet, you ingest a supplement or increase your consumption of iodine-rich sea vegetables.

  3. Turmeric

    There has been a lot of buzz around turmeric in the health world lately. Turmeric has been shown to reverse the damaging effects of fluoride ingestion, assisting in the cleansing process. You may choose to cook using turmeric as a spice, or you can take it as a supplement for similar benefits. Drinking turmeric tea has become quite common for those who are health-conscious.

    Turmeric Turmeric But, the best way to use turmeric for detoxifying your pineal gland is mixing some turmeric powder with some oil or body-lotion and put it directly on your forehead. If taken orally, most of itīs power is absorbed by the stomach, and cannot work properly in your pineal gland.

    Many Yogis therfore are suggesting a different method.

    How the Yogis do it:

    Obtain turmeric root in powder form and mix a little bit of it with oil or water to make a liquidy paste, then follow these steps:
    1. Apply this paste on your forehead in a thick layer. It will enter from there directly into your system and doesnīt get absorbed by the stomach. The best time for doing this is in the evening, when you donīt have to go out anymore.
    2. Let the paste dry at least for 1-2 hours (best would be overnight), so it has enough time enter the area around your pineal gland, and start itīs magic.
    3. When washing it off beware, this turmeric does not come off easily, you have to wash some minutes. When keeping it overnight your bedsheet might turn a bit orange, but thatīs the natural (and Yogic) way of doing it.
  4. Activator X

    Dentist Weston Price can be credited for this little miracle; this vitamin-like compound combines vitamins K1 and K2 to remove calcium from the arterial walls of the heart and away from the pineal gland and other parts of the body to which too much calcium can be harmful and transports them back into the bones. Furthermore Dr. Price found is that vitamin K2 truly only morphed into Activator X when K2 was combined with the vitamins A and D.

    Arteries, joints, and even the pineal system are positively affected by the combination of vitamins and minerals in Activator X.

  5. Raw apple cider vinegar

    Cider vinegar has long been known for its numerous health benefits, and now we can add cleansing the pineal to this list. Malic acid present in raw cider vinegar helps to flush the system of heavy metal toxins while providing valuable vitamins and nutrients that your system needs for good health.

  6. Chlorella / Spirulina

    Chlorella and Spirulina are species of algae widely considered as two of the most complete foods in existence. Both spirulina and chlorella are well known as detoxing the body of heavy metals and other metallic based contaminants. They are powerful health perks to your daily routine and provide an incredible defense against free radicals and additionally strengthen your immune system. They can lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of stroke and regulate blood pressure, actually very healthy natural food-supplements.

    Chlorella Spirulina Chlorella Spirulina You can either eat spirulina or chlorella, or mix them both, they have quite similar effects.

    How much Chlorella / Spirulina should you take?

    A good daily amount would be around 3 gramm, either as pure powder which you can mix into your normal food or just take it with water. Another way to take it are capsules or pills or tablets.

    Since both are pure and natural food (like salad), you may safely take more, to suit your personal health goals.

  7. Foods that help the cleansing process

    In addition to removing processed foods from your diet, you will need to learn to eat fresh, whole foods that give your body what it needs for optimal health:

    • Fresh, organic produce, preferably raw
    • Organic, farm-raised meats
    • Whole grains
    • Nuts, seeds, cold pressed oils
    • Sea vegetables
    Making these dietary changes may take time, but it will be well worth the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits in the end.

  8. Are you ready?

    Creating a life that fosters all aspects of your development is essential for your growth and personal journey.

    Consult your own inner wisdom to determine how rigorous your cleansing process should be, and look forward to the wonderful things you will learn about yourself as you incorporate new habits and let go of harmful ones that have held you back from living your highest and best life!